Me and Mom in front of Nabawi Mosque, Maddinah, Dec 2014.

I don’t know if she’s the best mom in the world or not. Maybe your mom is better at something than my mom. Or maybe your mom is more open minded than my mom. Or maybe… etc.

The thing is, you can’t compare every mom on earth, because basically they are individually different one to another. Every mom is great, and they are the best to their children’s eyes. And they have their own way to raise and to take care and to treat their children and to do their job as a mom and a wife and a daughter too.

You can’t ask them to change into a mom you wanted. You shouldn’t. Let them be. They are great just the way they are. And you can’t be this awesome if they’re not doing their job by their own way.

I thank God for giving me my mom. With her pluses and minuses. I thank her for taking a really good care of me, for mentioning my name in every of her prayers, for not telling people how proud and how deep her love is to me but telling her God instead, and asks Him to take care of me.

I know it’s too late to post this, but love doesn’t have a deadline. So.. Happy Mothers Day 2014! I love you so much, Mami! ♥

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