A great way to start a good year is to go out on a date with someone you care about. And I spent my first Saturday of 2015 with Alenda. And he was a really nice companion!

We went to Il Mondo at noon, had a random conversation, told funny stories, spilled out our thoughts, and shared our dreams. We didn’t share our meal because he was obsessed with food. He would share anything with you but food. *sigh* We had a good time that we didn’t want to say goodbye just yet. Then, we decided to go to Malioboro to spend the rest of the day together, as a couple. *lol*

After we managed to break through the bottleneck of Yogyakarta, and paid 10k for parking, we decided to go to the mall first and bought burgers and french fries. And again, random conversation, talking about people around us, funny stories (of course), etc. Then we went to the stores, and got bored, then left the mall and decided to go to the 0 km.

On our way to 0 km, we watched an angklung street performance, which made me super happy! I really love those. I don’t know why, but every time I hear or watch them perform on the street it always makes me smile. Believe it or not when I am at my lowest point or just feeling sad, I go to Malioboro just to watch the angklung street performance. I have done that twice, and it always succeeded to make my day.

We passed street vendors, traditional snacks, angkringan, and the crowd. I don’t know why, but Yogyakarta at night is really something. It offers you the feeling of romance and warmth. With all of the horses, sellers in Javanese, scents of batik tulis, the street performances, the cars, the city lights, the clear sky, and luckily that night there was a full moon, it all became a harmony of beauty. Indeed, last Saturday night was really beautiful and I smiled all the way.

I saw a miniature of Tugu Golong Gilig of Yogyakarta when we were strolling idly. And I’m so going back there to get myself one of those! We didn’t have much time to stop and shop, and just wanted to walk and enjoy the street with all of its harmony. But we stopped to take a picture with an owl. And that became the highlight of the day! The night became more beautiful with each passing minute.


We reached the intersection, and I asked Alenda to check whether Sekaten (Night Market) was still open or not. And it was still open! Then we went for Alun-Alun Utara. We didn’t plan to go to see Sekaten, actually. But we ended up there. When we were in the middle of the crowd, after we got there we decided to play Kora-kora.

We got in line for the nearest Kora-kora. But it was too long for us to wait, so we moved to another Kora-kora, which was not really crowded. In fact, we got onto one soon after we paid the tickets. Here are some pictures of us waiting for the seats to get fully loaded:

PSX_20150105_201759 PSX_20150105_201642

There were some fireworks too! And look at our happy faces! But my happy face didn’t last longer. After the Kora-kora started and I felt my butt flying and I stopped smiling. It was so scary!

After we got off, we decided to take a little break and sat down at a stall (without buying anything). When I was finally able calm, we continued our walk. We bought a cotton candy for Marta who was waiting at his boarding house (p.s. he is my beloved little brother too. Sorry and thank you!) before we headed to the parking spot.

It was a really beautiful night. But that night wouldn’t have been that beautiful if I hadn’t spent it with Alenda.

For those who didn’t know he’s like my own little brother, I never had one. And I thanked Allah for giving me another opportunity to meet him once more. I love him so much like my own brother that I want to take care of. I want to see him smile.

Him with his typical laugh, obliviousness, being melancholy, insomnia, always telling funny stories, constant hunger, and obsession with food. Him who never stops praying for me to get the man that I deserve; the man that protects me at all costs.

With him I can feel that I’m needed and loved and worthy of being loved. I’m glad to know that my existence in this world means something to someone’s heart. And I’m thankful of the chance to get to know him better and to be closer.

With this post, I wanted to let him know that he’s loved, that he means something to my heart and maybe to your heart too. And this post is a reminder to myself to take care of him, to always make time for him, to always be there for him whenever he needs me.

Thank you so much, Alenda. It was a really beautiful Saturday night and I look forward to another brunch or night walk again with you! ;)

Purnama, Yogyakarta, dan Alenda. Alhamdulillah.. :)

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