Hello Again! Do You Miss Me?

It has been a very busy and hectic weeks, since I was struggling with Stase Interna (Ilmu Penyakit Dalam). So, for those who are waiting for my updates, I’m so very sorry for showing up late and thank you for the patiences! xx

So, after passing Stase Mata’s final exam, then I entered Stase Kulit for 4 weeks long. I’ll post the details about how great my time was, later. And after passing Kulit, I entered Interna for 10 weeks! TEN WEEKS! It was a shock entering a big stase (Interna) after the small stase (Mata and Kulit). That’s why I couldn’t make it to post anything here.

But here I am, updating this old blog just to fulfil your curiosity of my life. ;)

Stay tuned, stay awesome! xoxo

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