The Future.

You have those times, where you always promise to yourself to be better in the next day, but you found yourself still the same in the next day.

“I promise to read these lectures tomorrow and finish this chapter at night, and I’ll be an expert on this major, and I’ll read the next chapter the day after.”

But you found yourself doing nothing but watching movies, having an extra time chit-chatting with your best friends, or blogging, or just scrolling your social media’s feeds, or just staring at the wall.

And you promise yourself to do what you promised the other day, tomorrow. But it is all ended up the same. It’s like you were destined to do something else, outside the life you are dealing with right now. And it doesn’t feel right. And you always have the thought of quitting from what you are doing.

But have you ever thought that maybe all of these happened because you don’t know what you are doing? Have you? Ever?

Believe me, we all are experiencing the same thing. Students are distracted by unnecessary things in life very easily. WHY? Because we still don’t get it. We don’t understand what we are facing of, what we are about to deal with, what we should be afraid of. “The future”.

Here I tell you, the future are scary and tricky. If we choose the wrong path here, we might not be in the right track in the future. That is why we have to understand of what we are doing right now. Not for our parents, not for our superego. But it’s for our future. What you will become.

If you know what you are doing, who you wanted to be in the future, you will never find yourself lack of motivation. Because your motivation is hanging there in the future. Be scared of the future, of your future. So that you will push yourself harder and harder.


In this post, I want to share few tips and trick how to deal with this kind of situation. Fresh material just for you. :)

The first step is to motivate yourself that you have a bright future that you have to make it by your own self. Tell yourself that you can do this, you can face this and you can finish this. And tell yourself that it is for your own good. You don’t want to find yourself starving in the future, right?

And the second step is to eliminate all of things that inhibits you to be a better person. No, not in the future, in the next morning you wake up instead, don’t be too far just yet. Give yourself a time limits. And a timeline. And a deadline. When you should do your tasks, when it should be finished. When you can check your social media’s feeds, and for how long. When you can go hang out with friends and how often. And don’t forget to always give yourself a break, a me-time, a reward, a gift. Do your hobbies.

And the third step (which is the hardest part of all steps), is to keep up the good things. Maintaining is boring, I know. But back again, tell yourself that it is for your own good. Make some improvisation for all of the routines you do. Make it colourful in your way.

The trick is: surround yourself with good people, who have visions and missions to their future, who always hoping for the best of their future and who are working on it. Be with them and work with them and learn from them.

That’s it! Tips and trick to motivate yourself to be a better person. And the promises change into actions, and the dreams come true, and the future is in your hands.

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