The Source of My Headache

Lately, I’ve been worrying about something, an adult thing, which makes me sick. I am so scared that I can not do what my parents do, in the next step of my life.

My mom always wakes up the earliest among us, to prepare our things, to match my father’s clothes, to wake me up, to cook and prepare my father’s meds. Especially in Ramadhan. She cooked everything, prepared everything, and did everything all by herself. Woke up earliest and went to sleep the latest, how can she do that EVERYDAY? I mean.. how?!

My father always on fire when it comes to studying, teaching, learning something new, and telling other people about his experiences and about life and about what should people do and don’t. He knows everything. And he’s like a water who cool me and my mom down when we’re a bit heated (you know, girls). And he always, always knows how to use his time wisely. He’ll keep himself occupied, very well (and always learn or find something new).

I am freaking out. I am scared, what if I am unable to do all of the things they do.

I only get up early when I have a duty (to a morning class, or to the hospital, or have a morning appointment). Beside that, I always get up the latest, and sleep the quickest. I love sleeping (so much, that much). How do I manage my family when the day comes? *sigh*

All of the above is spinning through my head, lately, and never get out. I always being pessimistic when it comes to this matter, housewife job. It gets me a headache. Goodbye!

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