I am so so so happy! Last Wednesday I went to Jogja City Mall with my family. After we shopped and had lunch, me and Mbak Netri went to The Sky Rink (?) I don’t know why they named it that way, because actually there is NO ICE at all. It’s made from wax. But whatever, the point is I enjoyed it so much! That was my first time skating and it was amazing!


See that happy face of mine? haha! I tried so hard to spin like a pro, like the ice skate dancers, but failed. I know it needs practice and  a lot of hard works and all, but well, at least I tried. Thank God I didn’t fall. ;)

It cost 48k for non stop skating each person, including the socks and the gloves. But I suggest you to go there with bunch of your friends, if you’re above 20ish, because it was dominated by kids below 15 years old. But I played, anyway. Ha ha, I know, embarrassing. But who cares? I paid and I didn’t cause any trouble. ;)

me and Mbak Netri ;)

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