thank you for wiping my sadness and changing it into an ultimate happiness!

It was the 2nd of August, when I fell asleep at 6 pm after I did my prayer. Suddenly…


I heard something very loud near my bedroom. I woke up, and the only thing flashed on my mind was only my parents, I was afraid that one of them would fall.. I called my mom, and no answer. I tried to turn on the light, but it was black out. Panicked, I grabbed my cellphone and turned on the flashlight. I walked in to my mom’s bedroom and I saw her tried to get up from the floor.

Innalillahi! It shocked me like hell, I could feel my body was shaking. My mom just fell to the floor when she tried to get up to check on my dad (she thought of my dad when black out, because she was afraid that my dad would fall). But she fell.

That accident woke me up  at 11 pm. A bit sad because few minutes from that time, that would be my birthday. But, I was glad that she was (and is) okay, nothing to be worried about.

However, it made me sad. Saddest.

In the middle of calming myself down, there was an incoming call from Yudhanto…. you know what? He was standing in front of my house. THAT MIDNIGHT. I still can’t believe he showed up.

He asked me to go out and walk few steps from my house. And I found…. them.


Princess from Kodok Castle, Reisha (left) and Dhani (right). It was unreal. I couldn’t believe that they showed up too in the middle of the night to gave me that happiness! I love them so much. There was Faisal too, by the way.

It is such a blessing to know that you’re loved. And it is happiness when you can feel it too. Having a birthday party is not my thing since I turned 18. In fact, I am not a big fan anymore. Birthday is just birthday. Just the same day with candles to blow. The only thing that makes it special is everyone that loves you suddenly show up and put a smile on your face and put a spark of happiness in your heart.

Telling your beloved ones that you love them is important, like I said before on my previous posts. It’s a refresh button of our energy. And telling them how much they mean to you, how grateful you are to have them around you, and how happy you are that they were born in this life will give them an extra energy to get through the day.

It’s easy to tell them that you love them. A simple good morning or asking about the day, for example. And it won’t hurt at all, and cheap, and easy. Remembering their birthday is one of the example. ;)

Thank you so much for the love, loves! I am so very happy!

FullSizeRender 39

It was the best moment of my life, and made my day and boosted my moods to the entire day! Thank you.

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