i am so sad right now

I know I’m supposed to be in the hospital right now, doing my job. But I am too tired to be true, after my shift of night shift in the IMP – Maternal until this morning.

And what makes me feeling uneasy right now is I have so many tasks left out (I was being so irresponsible, well until now). And right now everyone is busy, and tomorrow I have to meet my consultant to present some cases I found when I was on duty. And the presentation status is zero. I am so dead.

But instead of moving my ass to the hospital to get my tasks done, I am sitting on my bed, my laptop on my thigh, and blog unimportant thing (this). I am sorry for being this irresponsible, rebel, and all. But I am so tired and need to chill for a while. I know I should shut up and start making my life better. BUT………..

I know I am just a child with a bigger body and older face. GOOD BYE!

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