treat your girl right, and make her stay. ;)


I remember one of my junior in SHS told me about how a relationship should be, when I interviewed her at CPHO (Calon Pengurus Harian OSIS) selection.

Well, relationship is like holding a bird with your hands. If you hold it too tight, it might hurt the bird and it will make it wants to fly away. But if you hold it right, it will stay.

And I couldn’t agree more! And a relationship should be supportive and makes the people in it grow better, be creative together, help other people, figuring out about each other and about life together, help each other to be better and wiser, to do more and to give more and to love more. Not only for the sake of themselves but also for other people, their families and best friends.

Relationship is not a cage for a free bird, not even close. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t do anything like when you’re single. You still can fly high when you’re in a relationship, even higher!

The difference between being single and in a relationship is the responsibility. You have the responsibility to take care of other people’s son/daughter, and to treat him/her right. But that doesn’t mean their life is in your hand, or the decision maker of what they should or shouldn’t do is you, and vice versa. People always forget that there are two people in relationship, two heads, two bodies, two hearts. These two persons have their own way of thinking, behaviour, habit, visions, and missions of life. And you have no right to forbid or to hold your partner back from doing good things, positive things in his/her life. And you have no right to decide what’s best for him/her, and their future. AND VICE VERSA.

You and your partner are different person who are trying to be together by being in a relationship. Don’t let your partner forbids you for doing what you like or what you want, for being with someone you care about, for being happy and for being you (that’s important). And you have no right to do so. Be happy together instead! And find a solution for every problem together by discussing it. Because there will always a win-win solution, everyone! ;)

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