Stase 4: You were Inside Your Mom’s Belly

In Obsgyn stage, I learn so many things. Including how amazing human beings are, how great our mothers are.


I still can not believe that this little creature came out of someone’s belly, can only cry and still don’t know anything, and have no idea what’s going on and what’s going to happen, fresh and cute and kiss-able and have those chubby cheeks and all.

That picture was taken after I helped a mother delivering her baby. It was a lot of screaming, struggle, blood, sweat, tears, and pain. Your mother was (and is and will always be) a hero.

You have to see how big her efforts are to deliver you to this world. I know it’s not a great world, but hey. It was a complete struggle. Her life’s at stake to deliver a hope, a future, a happiness. She screamed a lot, she cried a lot, she begged everyone to stop her pain of delivering you. Maybe this post is just a writing without meaning for you, but I wrote it with all of my heart. You will never understand the pain after you experience it by yourself, or at least witness it with your own eyes.

Love your mother (and wife/future wife), speak to her softly and treat her gently, take a good care of her, and thank her for taking all of the pain to deliver you, for choosing not to give up on you, for forgetting the pain after she knows that you’re happy. Apologize to her for making her in so much pain pre-durante-post delivering you to this world.

And now I understand. Well, not completely, not until I experience delivering a baby by myself but at least I witness their struggle. I understand why Jannah lies beneath our mother’s feet.

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