Injured by Another Stupidity

Yup! This story is just so fresh from the oven, this happened few hours ago, this noon.

*walking happily, while playing my cellphone*

I was on my way to the Ruko 19, behind the hospital. I wasn’t walking on pedestrian street, but on the motorcycle’s (stupidity number: 1st).

Because there was a motorcycle stopping, I crossed the street and walked on the car’s (stupidity number: 2 nd). At that time, a motor passed me and the parking barrier was uprised.

“Hm, ini kayanya bakal turun ngga sih plang parkirnya…” I said while crossing over the street, without looking at the parking barrier or just waited for it to settled (stupidity number: 3rd).


It happened. The parking barrier kissed my head. Hardly. And it resulted this:



I should’ve walked on the pedestrian street.
I should’ve known that the parking barrier would be down soon.
I should’ve walked without playing my cellphones.

I know my lessons, I know I was doing something stupid (again) that caused me injured myself. And I will learn this lesson. Thanks.


“sakitnya sih ngga seberapa, tapi malunya itu lho…”

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