Jadilah Puisi

I am on the stage where I have to talk about marriage with a serious tone and think about it wisely and carefully, where I can’t even make fun of it–when someone asks, “kapan nyusul?”, where my friends are getting married one by one, where I have to prepare myself too, where commitment is necessary, where I have to get ready not only for the marriage itself but also the other things that follow. Somehow it’s nauseous, to think about marriage. Well, maybe I’m not brave enough to face it–the responsibilities, etc.

Jadilah Puisi, yang jujur seperti anak kecil, yang arif seperti orang dewasa berpikir (Azam, 2015).

True. In my mind, kunci dari pernikahan (hubungan) itu memang kejujuran, dimana kejujuran akan menumbuhkan kepercayaan. “Without trust, relationship really isn’t anything.”
And again, true, arif seperti orang dewasa berpikir, terutama dalam menyikapi masalah. Komunikasikan segalanya dengan baik. Kata-kata yang dirangkai itu ibarat dua sisi mata pisau, either it can be helpful or it can be hurtful, for you or for your partner (or both). As I always say,

Even diplomacy is stronger than an army.

Whatever it is, everybody is going to be in this phase too. It’s how we choose to face it that matters. Pasti ada jalannya, asal berusaha dan berserah, pasti nemu jalannya. Perkara sempat ketemu jalan buntu, tapi kan masih bisa atret. ;)


I don’t even know what I’m writing here. -.-

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