Please Make It Stop

“This baby box is killing me” — Jessica Day, New Girl.

And that is what happen to me this second since hours ago. It’s so stressful to have this sudden and continuous abdominal cramps.. I’ve been living with this pain since I was in Junior High. But the pain is increasing each time. Well, I think I still can handle this.. But still, pain is pain. And the most hurtful thing is I couldn’t even cry when the pain came. Frozen, more likely.

Even 1 gram of paracetamol couldn’t make it stop. Even 2 grams of mefenamic acid in 2,5 hours couldn’t stop the pain. Pain killers couldn’t make me feeling any better.  Even muscle relaxant couldn’t work well.  And even your smile couldn’t heal me (I’ve tried to use that too). :p

I’ve ever been on that stage where I couldn’t take it any longer. It was that time when I felt the pain, and it was killing me. I threw up so many times, I couldn’t move my legs, and the back pain was like a jackpot.

Eat healthy foods daily, swim routinely, laugh frequently, live happily, and love totally.


And that’s the cure. “Relax, I am okay.”

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