Opposites DO Attract


He’s too serious to handle and see things in life, in most of aspects in life, and to his eyes life is hard and tough. His threshold of humour is a bit high. He solves problems in a different way (compared to me), he chooses a safe way. He is wiser than men in his age. He’s kind, too kind.

And he met me, a girl with an opposite personality to him. I am always in a laughing mode, almost 24/7 (sometimes I laugh more than I should). Life, for me, is fun and an interesting adventure with so many good deeds ahead. I am a very emotional person, drama queen, and so very childish. And I’m not that kind.

We’re so different. But, knowing the fact that so many differences between us, he can hold his anger and negative emotions and all for the sake of us. He chose to forgive and try harder, he chose to be better and made me to do the same. The only thing that sticks us together is love, and without love, it is a predicted-goodbye.

And I thank you for sticking with me.

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