A Weird Dream

I had a weird dream last night. I was in the middle of the crowd, somewhere creepy. It was in the middle of night. Suddenly I was pushed to do something I thought I couldn’t do, but I did it. It was not that hard after I did it, not as hard as I thought before (maybe because it was a dream). But when I did what I was told to do so, I hurt myself, got injured on my face, it was (in that dream) awfully painful. The blood was covering my face and dripped to the ground. But when I asked for help, no one answered, no one responded. And they said,

“I see nothing. Honey, you’re fine, Don’t go too far in small.” and they continued their activities.

But (I thought) it hurt, and I thought that the pain was real. But no one could see it…

Thank God it was just a dream, but somehow it feels just as real as the pain right now.

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