With so many news about students arrested for hitting their teacher, parents defended their children by attacking the teacher without knowing that their children were doing something wrong, etc., it brings further questions that spinning in my head:

is this really the world we’re planning to live in the next few years? the world that full of hates, crimes, lies, and pains? the world that full of minimum-knowledge people leading us in the big cities and play a big role of making decisions for our lives, that full of people with money but confused of what to do with it, that full of people with power but can not use it wisely?

While so many people are busy thinking about themselves, their prestige, I met those people who put other people’s needs above themselves. I thanked God many times that I witnessed the true humanity, the pure conscience. It was when I assigned to Hardjolukito Hospital for three weeks in surgical stage.

There were five sub-stages and we had to rotate every 3 days in 3 weeks, they were (1) urology with dr. Nur Budiyono, Sp.U, (2) orthopedy with dr. Yogi A., Sp.OT, (3) oncology with dr. Gede H, Sp. B(k)onk, (4) digestive with dr. Agung M, Sp.BD, and (5) general surgery with dr. IBN. Suagata, Sp.B.

They could feel their patients’ pain, they could see what their patients’ see. They understand that the bureaucracy of this country just making the vulnerable people suffer even more. They know that BPJS is not ready yet to compete with the diseases nowadays, the real condition of the citizens in this country; which some of them are still in a poor knowledge stage, lack of awareness of health insurances and all. And they do something about it. They make the access easier for those vulnerable people in needs. And they don’t mind that every day they’re standing in the operating room for more than 7 hours and continuing their duty in the policlinics for hours and only got paid for less than what they deserve.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg
with dr. Gede H, Sp.B(k)onk

This is not the kind of world I’m planning to live in for the next few years. And those experiences of working with great doctors for three weeks gave me hopes; that Indonesia still has good people with a great heart and the best actions living on it. This country will survive with those people breathing its air. Something good will happen in this country with those kinds of people.

This country needs them, and it needs us, and you.

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