I deactivated my Instagram account for few weeks (or days?) and reactivated it few days ago. So many people texted me, curious of my sudden changed behaviour, and worried that I might do something too far soon after I withdraw myself from social media (red: suicide) LOL, I know I’m a 5 year old soul trapped in a 20-ish year old body (so unstable). So here’s the whys:

  1. It is time consuming whenever I opened it. I always (always) opened it every second I had a chance and scrolled it until the last feed. And I feel my life’s so wasted.
  2. It has gone too far for me. It brought me to the stage where I need to catch up with everyone, wherever they go, what they eat, what they do, etc. It’s just so bothering. I can’t.
  3. I tend to stick my nose into people’s personal business. Can you imagine? I know their pedigree, their circles, their favourite meals, and even a little bit of their personality, and the best part is I don’t even know who they are (for those who don’t get it, I was being sarcastic). And that is awful.. and not necessary and useless for my future. “If it doesn’t involve you, it shouldn’t concern you.”
  4. I had a lot of debates with Mas Yudha because of instagram (are you kidding?!).
  5. I just needed a break from social media. I feel myself changing. I don’t see the scenery because it looks good to my eyes, but it looks good on my instagram feed instead. Duh.

And there you have it, five answers for one WHY. And I reactivated it because I need to check something out, but when I tried to re-deactive it I couldn’t. “You can only deactivate once a week” said Instagram LOL.

But honestly tho, don’t you feel yourself changing? Or is it just me? Don’t you need a break? Is it just me? Pardon my unstable personality then. ;)

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