“What’s your goal of life?”

“I want to be happy”

Well, who doesn’t? Everyone wants to be happy.

But for me, happiness is not a goal, happiness is more like the process, and it is our choice to be happy or not (during the process to reach our goals). And by that, everyone deserve to be happy. It is their choice to take it or not, to live with it or not.

And with this post I’d like to remind myself that happiness is not a goal, it’s not a purpose of my life. I shouldn’t have craved for happiness, when I could make it by myself, when I had the choice to live my life with full of happiness. And I can’t demand anyone to make me happy. I am the one who’s responsible for my own happiness. And when someone makes me happy, then it’s a bonus for me and I deserve that.

Being happy is a choice. And I chose to be happy.

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