Talitha Fredlina Azalia

(noun): The name of a girl who loves every living things on earth deeply, fully, and truly.

She is my bestfriend since junior high. She is the most patience girl amongst my circle and also she has the wildest mind too. I love having a deep conversation with her, she’s so critical and open minded and have a very beautiful mind (and heart too!).

She always on her calm mode 24/7 and in every situation, even when her toe was accidentally hit by the moving fence in front of my house, she kept calm and just laughed at our worried expression. Fyi, her toenail was detached and her blood was unstoppable at that time.

She remembers everyone’s birthday and always initiates to make a surprise for the related person. And she’ll put her all on everything. She’ll bake a cake, or make some cookies, or lasagna, or greentea pudding.

She is tough, she is strong, she is brave. She chooses her path with no regret, and she’s doing fine and will always be fine.


Happy birthday, Ta!
We love you!

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