Chocolate High

-India Arie feat. Musiq Soulchild-

If we make each other happy, then we just can’t lose.

[India Arie]
I don’t mean to be decadent, I might sound like a hedonist.
But the simplest way I can put it, you become a habit: the more I consume it, the more I gotta have it.
Ain’t no such thing as too much. If you gave me everything it’d never be enough.
My black coffee with sugar no cream in the morning, you’re my super double caffeine dream.

[Musiq Soulchild]
Your precious darkness got me so strung out and lovin’ the way that you got me so wide open, my baby doll.
Jonesin’ and fienin’ under my skin, my nerves are screamin’ when you’re not here..
See baby I need you, Sugar. You’re so delicious.
There is somethin’ about your love that makes me just want to open up.
Your flavour is the sweetest thing in life, I’m addicted to your chocolate high.
‘Cause I want you, and I know that you want me. So let’s stay close like we supposed to be.
And just get high off our own supply. I’m addicted to your chocolate high.

[Musiq Soulchild]
I’d be trippin’ in so many ways if I go a single day without a taste of your love.
The finest cuisine of today’s world, five stars, oh you’re so gourmet, Girl.

[India Arie]
I crave you, I want you. Every cell in my body needs you.
Tasty, like Hershey’s and Nestle.
You’re rich like Godiva.

Boy, you’re just so sexy.

**Happy 28, my chocolate!

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