Let Them Feel You

Sometimes, people just don’t know how to word their intentions. They tend to hide what they really feel, what they really want, what they hope.

They miss you, but turns out they say something hurtful like, “sombong e kamu.”
They love you and want to spend more time with you, but turns out they say something stupid like, “go with her, seems you like her more.”

If you miss her, tell her that you really do. If you love him, tell him how much you want him to understand you. Don’t hide your feelings behind your rude attitude or sarcastic words. Let them see how much they mean to you. Let them feel how much you appreciate their presence. Let them know and understand what you feel. Let them feel the warmth inside your soul and let them consume your positivity.

Besides, being sweet* and nice* to other people* will never hurt. Even diabetic patients could still survive with the high dose of your sweetness everyday.

*in certain circumstances, of course.

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