Happy New Year 2017!


  1. I went to South Korea with my best friends for visiting program.
    Sondang, Nabila, Timothy and I visited Seoul National University and Hospital for One Day Visit Program. Actually we book a flight to Seoul was just for our one week break after Ear Nose Throat Department to Neurology Department. But I want it to be something useful for our future (Curriculum Vitae), so be it. We contacted International Relation Officer (IRO) in our faculty and tried to make an appointment to the Seoul NUH and we choose the Plastic Surgery Department as our destination since it is well known that South Korea’s identical with that topic. And surprisingly they welcomed us with a biggest smile and the warmest hi, and of course the greatest foods and hospitality, and the coolest eye-opening knowledges about plastic surgery in that country. “…This is the first time we’re welcoming medical students with this occasion, this is new for us, and we’re happy to share our experiences with you all, with the high sense of curiosity students. I know this is just for your holiday, but you make a room with your pack schedule to visit us…” said The Dean of Plastic Surgery Department.
    Anyway, that was my first time flying hundred miles without my parents, for a whole week. And it was fun! Thank you, bests!
  2. I could get through the Paediatric Department smoothly with the best result (it shocked me).
    The one and only fear in my coass life was being able to enter the Paediatric Department but unable to pass it. But thank God, I could overcome my fear and made it to succeed. It’s all because of Githa & Linda who helped me a lot through the good and bad in that department. Thank you, girls!
  3. It was a beautiful Eid al Fitr, ever!
    First of all, there were no messy home, no hectic schedules, and no chaotic situation on 2016’s Eid. It was great, the best, and need to be awarded. Second of all, I could join Jajan Pahala with my best friends, and of course Mas Yudha. That was the very first time I enjoyed working with my boy friend (I’ve never had that kind of comfort working with my ex(es) before). And that’s a good sign and a great moment for me.
  4. I got engaged with Mas Yudhanto Utomo.
    I’ve never once, not even in a billion years, I had the dream to be engaged with someone SO QUICKLY and SO YOUNG. Nor even my parents and my best friends.
    “Mas, besok ulang tahun adek ngga usah bawa apa-apa, cukup bawa cincin kawin aja.” I was all joking at that time, and he took it seriously (as always). But, to be honest, we had already discussed it few months after we decided to be in a relationship (2015). And we did it four days after my birthday in 2016. Thank you, Mas!
  5. I could perform again.
    Celebrating Sumpah Pemuda 2016, I performed Tari Rara Ngigel (again, because I couldn’t dance anything else with less than a week preparations). And the best part was, I could be in one stage with Didik Ninik Thowok (one of my bucket list: checked). The happiest part was Mas Yudha came to watch me and gave me all of the support and even recorded the scene I was in until out from the stage, and the sparkling eyes when he said, “adek nari lagi dong, adek cantik banget…”. Are you kidding?! He’s the best.
  6. My parents are all healthy.
    It’s all that matters in my life. They’re my power source, my fuel, my everything. My mom could pass through her myringotomy last month bravely and calmly and making me so proud her and admire her even more. My dad gave a speech on UGM’s Dies Natalis and it was so touching and amazing ! Well, he is amazing. I love them both and all I ask is they’re being all healthy and happy.
  7. I finished my COASS!
    Can you even believe that!? It’s finally come to its end! I’m 1000% sure that I couldn’t pass all of the stages of coass if I didn’t get through it with my 15106 family (and also 15105). They’re all amazing with their own personality. Thank you so so so much to: Nurida Khasanah, Sindu Manik Dewantoro, Diah Dinar Utari, Albistamy Mosadi, Gustav Valentino, Hanan Ashrafi, Dwi Astuti Dharma Putri, Yuwinda Ardelia, Timothy Santoso, Seisar Bayu Mukti, Linda Pratiwi, Sondang Hazewinkel Suringa Siagian, Githa Riski Primastuti, Nabila Kirtti Pradipta, Bayu Pratama Putra, Kamilah, Dewantoro Priyo Sejati, Reinhart Jonathan, M. Fahmi Rosyidi, Annisa Laksmi Wardani, Dian Puspita Iswahyuni (and all of the temporary members). It’s time to get ready for the bigger battle, the final exam to get the “general doctor” degree. Bismillaahirrahmanirrahim..
  8. Mbak Mita’s Wedding.
    She’s my cousin and lives in Rotterdam now. When I heard about her getting married, I was (and am) so happy and couldn’t wait till the date. My big family, of course some of them, couldn’t accept it just like that. Pros and cons everywhere. But let me tell you, girl, don’t always listen to them. Go for your happiness. They don’t feel it anyway.
    She’s so brave and she knows what she’s doing, what she wants, and what she’s capable of doing. She always shows her true colour, and is very open minded and always spreads the positivity. She’s my teacher for all, my sister for soul. Making this moment into one of my best moment in 2016 is like a symbol to me, of bravery. That you should stand up for your own happiness-your right, no matter what. Congratulations, Mbak Mit! xoxo
  9. I love this guy.
    So much.

There were not so may things I could do in my coass routine, my 2015-2016 was all spent in the hospital. But surely 2016 gave me a new colour and it taught me so much. The ups and downs, the hypomania to the depressive stage, the tears and the laughters, and all. Good times, good friends, and good memories. There are so many things to do in 2017, and hopefully it would be greater and better, the achievements and also myself and the world, aamiin.

Be nice, 2017! HAPPY NEW YOU!

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