Tips & Tricks 4: “Zoom Out”

In the middle of the chaotic wedding preparations*, I believe there will be a time like you’re feeling things get so hard and you can barely feel your shoulder because it’s too tense.. I suggest you to take a break and read this:

When you feel hopeless, begin to zoom out everything. Everything will start to appear as a small dot. Then nothing will seem worthy enough to bother you because they all look the same. Zooming out will wipe away all of your uneasy thoughts. When you’re aware and you realize everything is nothing more than just a dot, you won’;t be easily triggered anymore.

The more you zoom out, the smaller they get, the lighter they become. Nothing is special. Nobody is special. Nothing is worthy.

Save this in your head.
Zoom out.

– Lala Bohang on The Book of Invisible Questions.

Good luck!

*You can use this tips regardless the problems you’re facing right now.

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