Contemplating About Life

Hi! Just want to update about my sedentary life this week.. it’s been… great, I guess?

I mean, who doesn’t want to have a lazy day everyday? No morning reports, no follow up about patients’ medical status, no code blue, no nothing. Just chillin’ and having your me time, every second.. What a great life!

Setahun.. hidup seperti ini…

Terus mau ngapain? Terus begini? Masa depan apa kabar? Mau dibawa kemana hidup ini? Sampai kapan seperti ini? Mau dikasih makan apa anak-anakku kelak? Mau dikemanain cita-cita dan impian orang tua? Mau diapain garis hidup dari Tuhan yang membawaku sampai kesini? And so on and on and on…

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