Hari Ibu

Sebenernya aku mulai malas sama sosial media.. kesannya pamer dan malah terasa nihil dan kurang pemaknaan. Tapi berhubung aku pesan kado Hari Ibu di @bungasenja.nu yang adalah milik sahabatku, Nurida, jadi ya upload aja, bantuin usaha temen aja niatnya.

Momentum Hari Ibu kemarin rasanya pas untuk mengapresiasi ibuku yang luar biasa hebat dalam hal menyayangi dan memberi. She’s the most caring and forgiving for everything that happened in her life. She’s so supportive that she always encourage people to do good, to be kind, to do more, to become more by her actions. She’s not too religious but the way I see it, she’s so sincere that all of her prayers was heard by Him.

She never complains about what she got or felt. Ya walaupun sering komplainnya tentang kerapihan dan kebersihan rumah sih….. but still, she amazes me with all of her strength and silence.

It’s not fair if I’d say my mother is the best mom on earth, because every mom is the best to their children’s eyes. But she is the best mom that I’ve ever had, whom I wouldn’t trade for anyone or anything.

I wanted to be strong like her, I wanted to be kind (very kind) like her, I wanted to be patient like her, I wanted to be so loved and loving like her, I wanted to be so sincere like her.

I love her so much it hurts.

Me: Bund, ada paket
Her: Paket apa?
Me: Ngga tau
Her: Dari siapa?
Me: Ngga tau, dari pak Gojek
And I left the bag in her bedroom. Few minutes later…
“Katanya dari Pak Gojeeeeeeek hahahaha”, she brought the flower I gave her while kissing me, thanking me. And she refused to try the perfume I gave her because she wanted to take a picture with the bouquet. How sweet! Xoxo

Special thanks to Nurida for suggesting me the gift and making the gift so beautiful and memorable! Love you girl!

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