First Book

I bought a book few days ago, and it shook me how simple and easy it is to release a book. You just have to write. Whether or not your book is going to be bomb, it’s another story. It shook me as well when I read that book. It was only abstract pictures with one or two paragraph about how she (the author) felt. WHAT.

There are so many talented blogger out there, which their contents worth to be published in books rather than floating on the internet. I mean hey, maybe it’s easier that way, open your laptop and start typing what’s spinning in our head.

I’m not talented, my writings sucks. My contents aren’t that good and boring for most of the time. But when I saw that book, I motivate myself that maybe I should try to make one book first. I mean, why not? I can easily copy my blog posts and paste it to the book I’m trying to publish. Is it worthy enough to be read? I don’t know. I’ve told you, it’s another story.

Let’s try to make something real, shall we?

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